Mar 12, 2013
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Finding The Best Toddler Toys

Finding the Best Toddler Toys

A toddler’s job is to play. Play is one of the first ways that the toddler’s brain processes information. Through play he learns creative thinking, problem solving and cause and effect. Every parent wants their child to grow up healthy, happy and intelligent.  By providing him with the best educational toys that will stimulate his/her mind, you will be giving your toddler the gift of a lifetime of learning.

Creativity and Imagination

There are certain toys that do wonders for a child’s creativity and imagination. Although children are born with an ingrained curiosity about their world, these toys help foster their need to explore and create. Toys that encourage creative play set the stage for later exploration in the creative arena. Children who engage in early creative play are more likely to seek out music, singing, dance, writing and art later in life. There are some toys that are excellent for encouraging a child’s natural creativity.


Blocks are genius in their simplicity. Because they are nothing more than small cubes of wood, they allow the child to create anything he likes. He can make a tower, a castle or a car. By creating a visual representation of what is going on in his mind, he can make the connection between creative thought and an actual product. Just as an artist can conceive a picture in his mind and paint it on canvas, the child can conceive that a block is a chassis on a car or the foundation for a house. Blocks are one of the most functional toddler toys and your little one will benefit from stretching his mental muscle with them.

Farm Animals

Another popular toddler toy is the common farm animal. For younger children, these animals should be larger than their mouths. Toddlers like to explore by tasting toys and small animals can become a choking hazard. Toddlers like farm animals because they can imagine the animals engaging in various tasks. It is important to allow toddlers to create their own scenarios and set the stage for their own learning.

Plastic Animal Toddler Toys


Soft books and picture books are great for encouraging creativity in toddlers. These books provide a visual representation of a story and help the child make the connection between written words and pictures. Books are most effective when parents read them to the child and engage them in the process. Soft fabric books are best for toddlers who still want to explore by tasting. As they get older, toddlers can read board books and books with paper pages.

Pretend Play

Toddlers want to emulate the adults they see around them. In this vein, some of the best toddler toys are those that encourage fantasy and pretend play. Girls and boys alike benefit from pretend play which encourages them to use their imagination.

Kitchen Sets

Great for toddlers, kitchen sets are some of the most popular toddler toys on the market. Children can pretend to cook meals and serve them to their families. Pretend kitchens help children to practice what they see Mom and Dad doing around the house. Outfit your toddler’s pretend kitchen with toy coffee makers, mixers and microwaves. Pretend play helps children with problem solving later in life. This can be helpful in learning complex subjects like science and mathematics when they reach school age.

Play Kitchen Toddler Toys

Dress Up

If there is one thing that toddlers love, it is playing dress-up. Dress up sets allow little girls to pretend they are astronauts, doctors and teachers. Little boys can dress up as chefs, firefighters and pilots. There are no limits when it comes to stretching the imagination during dress-up play.

Tool Sets

When it comes to problem solving, tool sets make great toddler toys that teach this valuable skill. Toddlers can learn to engineer the world around them by figuring out solutions to common problems. Tool sets with pretend screwdrivers, hammers and wrenches are great for both toddler boys and girls alike.

Artistic and Musical Expression

Toddlers love music and art. One of the most long-lasting toddler toys is the simple pot and wooden spoon. Toddlers can make their own music for hours with just these simple items. A toddler with a crayon and a white wall is a sight to behold. If you don’t want your little one creating “art” on your white walls or clanging all day on your pots, there are great toddler toys that encourage musical and artistic expression.

Toy Musical Instruments

Toddlers love guitars, drums, xylophones and pianos. Invest in a few simple toy instruments for your child and encourage a lifelong love of music. Your toddler will be amazed at how these instruments instantly bring music into his life. Start with one instrument and collect them until you have an entire band.

Musical Toddler Toys

Toddler Art Sets

One of the best toddler toys that encourages artistic expression is the easel. A simple easel, paper and crayons will keep your little one engaged for hours. Toddlers of all ages love being able to draw and create masterpieces in varying colors. Encourage this expression and save your white walls by buying your little one an easel.

Finding the best toys for your tot is easy. Find the right toy today.

Art Sets as Toddler Toys

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